10 Easy Hobbies Anyone Can Start (Even While Pregnant)

It can be hard to continue your “normal” life during pregnancy, especially in those last few weeks when you are tired of being pregnant and are just so anxious to meet your little one. However, it is so important to prioritize self-care! Doing things that you enjoy during pregnancy and after your baby arrives is essential to maintaining positive mental health and avoiding burnout. We’ve compiled a list of easy hobbies that require little cost and are totally safe to pick up during pregnancy:

#1: Make Sourdough Bread

Making sourdough bread is an act of love and patience, but it is so rewarding. All you need to get started is a starter (which you can get from a friend, buy online, or make it yourself), a kitchen scale, and a bowl! It may take you some time to get started, but once you get the hang of it, making homemade bread is so good. 

#2: Gardening

Gardening has so many benefits to it. From giving you an excuse to get some fresh air, to relieving stress, to producing fresh veggies you can enjoy, gardening can go a long way. Do some research on the types of plants you can grow with the space you have. It might be that you can grow a lot on land you may have, or maybe a simple herb garden on your windowsill will work better. Whatever it may be, gardening is worth it!

#3: Houseplants

Along a very similar line as gardening is having houseplants, but they are even easier to take care of. Look at your home and decide where some plants can go and what light you have, then go to a local greenhouse or home improvement store and pick some up!

#4: Embroidery 

Embroidery can be a hobby that is often overlooked. The tools are not very expensive, and a quick YouTube tutorial can often be enough to get started. This hobby is artistic, calming, but also very functional. Embroidering can be a great way to spice up some clothing items that have been sitting in the back of your closet! 

#5: Writing

Writing is a great way to be creative without the need to be artistic! You can let your imagination run wild and really allow yourself to daydream. Write down all of your thoughts and ideas and create a little book for yourself. 

#6: Journaling

Similarly to writing, you can start a journal. How often do you forget little memories or moments and wish you had something to help you remember them? Document little things about your week in a journal, and include things about your pregnancy that you don’t want to forget!

#7: Painting

Painting can be so freeing! You can choose to use watercolors, or go for a more formal look of acrylic paints. Whatever it may be, painting gives you an outlet to just be creative. Look up a tutorial, attend a local class, or just go for it!

#8: Cooking and Baking 

Learning how to cook is so practical, and there is nothing quite like a home cooked meal. You can start by making a list of the meals you like to eat, and then looking up recipes for those meals. Or, you can find meals to make with those fresh veggies from your garden that you started earlier! Plus, you can even make some meals to freeze, and then cook them later when your little one arrives. 

#9: Reading

There are so many good books at the thrift store or library that are just waiting for you to read them! You can stick them in your purse to read on the bus or in the park, or you can curl up at home and read there. Reading is not only fun and relaxing, but it is so good for your brain!

#10: Nature Walks

Walking is a healthy and relaxing hobby, especially in the springtime when it’s warming up and the sun is shining! Find a podcast or a playlist, or just listen to nature, and start walking. There are usually paths in every neighborhood, or you can drive to a scenic place near you and start your walk there. This is also a great way to stay active during your pregnancy, and it’s even a great thing for you to enjoy with your baby when it arrives!

There are so many things you can still enjoy when you are pregnant, you just have to look for them! Find something you love and that helps you relax, whatever it may be. Plus, hobbies are something that you can share with your little one when they arrive, so really hone in on something that you truly enjoy. 

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