Is she pregnant?

If your partner, girlfriend or wife is or might be unexpectedly pregnant, we understand that you have fears of your own. If she’s taken an at-home pregnancy test, we encourage you to come in with her for our pregnancy testing services. They are over 99% accurate, which is a higher rate than at-home tests.

What should I do?

At the Center for Women, we encourage open and honest communication with your partner in order to share your thoughts and concerns with her. It is essential that you each know how the other is feeling. Emotions can run high in situations like this, and it’s important that you each have time to process in order to clearly communicate to one another. Offer your support and encouragement, and let her know she is not alone.

I’m not ready to be a father.

Very rarely does anyone feel fully prepared to parent. If this is an option you and your partner are considering, the Center for Women offers parenting education and material assistance. Dads All In teaches the basics of fatherhood, touching on topics like authentic manhood and building relationships with sons and daughters.

Our situation is complicated, is there someone I can talk to?

We support men as well as women who are facing unexpected pregnancy. Our center is a resource for you, and we encourage you to utilize it. If you need someone to talk to or process through things with, please give us a call at (517) 787-4673.

At the Center for Women, we know that every situation is different. When you reach out to us, we don’t have a scripted conversation we guide you through. You’ll speak to someone who truly desires to listen and understand where you’re coming from. Call (517) 787-4673 to speak to a member of our qualified staff today.